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I do not now anything about cars. If the car broke down, _______ what to do. 
I would knew
I would know
I would not know


If you took more exercise, you _______ better. 
will feel 
would feel


If I was offered the job, I think I _______ it. 
will take 
would take


If there was not so much traffic, the air ___________.
would be cleaner
will be cleaner
would cleaned


If you could change one thing in the world, what _______?
you would change
would you change
would you changed


If you took more exercise, you ________ better. 
would feel
will feel
would felt


We could invite all our friends to stay if _________ a bigger house.
we will have
we would have
we had


I am sure Sue _______ if you explained the situation to her. 
will understand
would understand


Mark and Carol are expecting us. They would be disappointed if we _______ you.
not come
would not come
did not come


Would Tim mind if I _______ his bicycle without asking him?
would borrow


I would by that jacket if __________.
it was a bit cheaper
it will a bit cheaper
it would a bit cheaper


If there was a good film on TV tonight, __________.
I will watch it
I would watch it
I would watched it


This room would be nicer if __________ pictures on the wall.
we had some 
we had any 
we would have some 


They would be rather offended if I _________ to see them. 
will not go
would not go
did not go


Liz gave me this ring. She _______ very upset if I lost it. 
would not be
would be
would is


If I had nothing to do, __________.
I would be bored
I will be bored
I would bored


If she ________ harder, she would make more money.
will work
would work


If I was offered the job, I think I ________ it. 
will take
would take
would taken


I am sure Amy will lend you the money. I would be very surprised if she _______. 
will refused 
would refused 


If I _______ his number, I would phone him. 
will know
would know