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If I had known you were in hospital, I _____ you.
would visit
would visited
would have visited


But for such bad weather we _____ fishing.
would have gone
would go


Would you _____ to London, if you _____ _____ enough money then?
travel … had had
travelled … would have had
have travelled … had had


If you hadn’t sneezed he _____ we _____ there.
would haven’t known … were
wouldn’t have known … had been
wouldn’t have known … were


If father _____ yesterday he _____ much better today.
didn`t drink … would feel
would haven’t drunk … felt
hadn`t drunk … would feel
hadn`t drunk … would have felt


he _____ cleverer he _____ a better mark.
had been … would get
were … would have got 


We _____ if _____ properly.
might have won … had prepared
would may have won … had prepared
may have won … prepared


_____ we listened to your parents, we _____ into trouble.
Would … didn`t get
Had … wouldn`t have got
Did … wouldn`t have got


She _____ to work, but for the sick child.
would go
had gone
would have gone


I _____ very happy now, _____ in the lottery last time.
were … had I won
would be … had I won
would have been … had I won


The child _____ punished if he _____ the truth.
wouldn’t be … had told
weren’t … would have told
wouldn’t have been … had told


I _____ it if I _____ it with my own eyes.
shouldn\'t believe … hadn\'t seen
shouldn’t have believed … hadn\'t seen
had believed … shouldn’t have seen


_____ I good at dances, I _____ her to dance with me already.
were … would have invited
had been … would have invited
would be … would have invited


She _____ him, if she _____ his mother.
would haven’t forgiven … weren’t 
wouldn’t have forgiven … hadn\'t been
wouldn’t have forgiven … weren’t 


Mike _____ his best to save the situation, if he _____ there, but he was on business. 
would do … was
would have done … had been
did … had been 
would have done … were


If I _____ who was invited, I never _____.
had known … would have come
had known … wouldn’t have come
knew … would have come


If he _____ tickets yesterday, he _____ on the beach now.
bought … would be lying
had bought … would be lying
had bought … would have lain 


I _____ this article long ago if I _____ English well.
would translate … had known
would have translated … had known
would have translated … knew


If you _____ into account his behavior then, you _____ in much trouble now.
took … would haven't been
had taken … wouldn't have been
would have taken … wouldn't be
had taken … wouldn't be


You _____ a star now, if you _____ the part in that film then.
would be … had been offered 
would have been … were offered
would have been … had been offered