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Tell me about your decision, when we ____ next time.
will meet


If the child wants, ____ him this toy!
will buy


We ____ about it for sure, when we ____ home.
will know … will return
know … will return
will know … return


I need to think the matter over, in case he ____.
will refuse


Do your best or else you ____ with the group.
won’t catch up
don’t catch up


Mary ____ to us, unless Jack ____ .
doesn’t speak … will leave
won’t speak … leaves
doesn’t speak … leaves


If they ____ a taxi, they ____ the train.
take ... won’t miss
will take ... don’t miss
will take ... won’t miss


____ the children listen to me, when they ____?
do ... will grow up
will ... grow up
will ... will grow up


If she ____ in time, we ____ late for the concert.
Won’t come … are
Doesn’t come … will be
Won’t come … will be


Why don’t you ask her, when she ____ ?
will come


I’m sure we ____ back before it ____ dark .
are … gets
will be … will get
will be … gets


I ____ the report today, if you ____ interrupting me.
finish … will stop
will finish … stop
will finish … will stop


We ____ our lesson, when you ____ your seats.
will start … take
start … will take
will start … will take


Should we wait here until they ____ us?
will call


I ____ you when I ____ ready.
will tell … will be
tell … will be
will tell … am


Let’s do the flat before our parents ____. 
will return


When the right time ____, I ____ you our family secret.
will come … will open
comes … will open
will come … will open


She said that if he ____ the TV set, she ____ it out of the window at once.
wouldn’t turn off … would throw
didn’t turn off … would throw
wouldn’t turn off … would throw


I asked him what ____, when they ____ the truth.
would happen … found out
would happen … would find out
happened … would find out.


When the weather ____ fine, ____ all the windows. The child needs fresh air.
will be … will open
will be … open
is … open