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Yesterday we ... to the party by our friends.
are invited
were invited


Our house ... now.
is being repaired
is been repaired
has being repaired


The message ... by e-mail tomorrow by 10 oclock.
will be sent
will have been sent
will be sended


Nick ... to be a very interesting person.
has been known
is known
is been known


Our school conferences ... once a year.
were held
are being held
are held


Your results ... and found correct.
have been studied
has being stidied
were studied


This book ... soon.
would been published
will have been published
will been published


Lomonosov ... in a small Russian village not far from the White Sea.
was borne
am born
was born


All the participants of the conference ... about the time-table.
should have been told
should be told
should been told


All tasty things ... at once. There is nothing on the plates.
have been eaten
has being eaten
were eaten


My suitcase ... when my friends came to see me off.
was already being packed
had already been packed
was packed


The text ... translated.
was already
is already
has been already