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By that time I’ll ______ from the University and will ______ a well-paid job, I hope.
graduate, get
have graduated, have got
have graduated, get
graduate, have got


We ______ the camp by 10 o’clock, I believe.
were reaching
will have reached


I hope, we ______ half of our way by tomorrow.
will have drived
are driving
’ll have driven


We’ll ______ decorating the room before you get back.
have finished


By the end of August we’ll ______.
have moved
would move
will move


If we don’t hurry, the party will ______ before we get there. 
have finished


He ______ by Monday, so try to get in touch with him earlier if you really want to speak to him about that.
is leaving
will leave
will have left


I hope they ______ this unpleasant episode by the time they meet again. 
will have forgotten
‘ll be forgotten


I hope we will ______ the market research by January.
be doing
are doing
will do
have done


By the time I come they ______.
will have gone
will be going
will go


 “It is snowing heavily. Have you listened to the weather forecast for tomorrow?” – “I hope it ______ snowing by tomorrow.”
will stop
will have stopped


As you ______, he has cut off his beard.
will notice
are noticing
will have noticed


Next Thursday, I ______ my present car for exactly 20 years.
will be owning
will have owned


Let’s hope the volcanic eruption ______ before we arrive at the island.
will have finished
will finish


By the time you get home I will ______ the house from top to bottom.
have cleaned
be cleaning


Before he gets home from school tonight Peter will ______ three bars of chocolate.
have eaten


By the time the software goes on sale, the company ______ 5 million dollars on developing it.
will spend
will have spent


When you get back, I will ______ the front door.
am painting
have painted


John is going to spend a year away from his family in Peru. By the time he sees his children again he ______ what they look like.
will have forgotten
will be forgetting
will forget


I am sure you ______ my letter of resignation by now.
will be receiving
will have received