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I … from her once since she went away. 
have heard
have been hearing


I … for seven hours. 
have been walking
have walked


She … dozens of students but she has never met such a hopeless class before. 
have been teaching
have taught


She … . Somebody else ought to drive. 
has drunk 
has been drinking


She … since eight o clock. It is time she woke up. 
has slept
has been sleeping


We sandwiches for the party all the afternoon. 
have been making
have made


She … in this school for three years. 
has taught
has been teaching


I … for car keys but I have not found any. 
have looked
have been looking


It … for two hours and the ground is too wet to play. 
has rained
has been raining


I … for her for six years and she has never said Hello to me. 
have worked
have been working