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We _____.
do not riding
are not riding
does not riding


- What ______ now? - I ______ my key. I can’t open the door.
What do you do, I look for
What are you do, I looking for
What are you doing, I’m looking for
What you doing, I’m looking for 


You ______ great jokes.
are telling
is telling


Listen! Sue and John ____. 
are singing
is sing
is singing


I’m sure you ____ the right choice.
will be made
are making


We _____ to assistance from relatives.
are looking forward
look forwarding
look forward


I ____ to you attentively.
am listening


I ______ the holidays in London.
dream about
is dreaming about
are dreaming about


Look! They _____ inside. 
are going
is going


My sister _____ the bathroom
is cleaning