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- Where are the children? It’s quiet at home. - They (lie) on the carpet and (draw).
lie, are drawing
are lieing, drawing
are lying, drawing


- What you (do) now? - I (look for) my key. I can’t open the door.
What do you do, I look for
What are you do, I looking for
What are you doing, I’m looking for
What you doing, I’m looking for 


Listen! Somebody (sing) a lovely song.
is singing
are singing


Why you (put on) the coat? It’s sunny today. 
are you putting on
do you put on
will you put on
are you puting on


Don’t make so much noise. I (try) to work.
’m triing
’m trying


Why you (cry)? Is anything wrong?
do you cry
are you crying
have you crying


I (listen) to you attentively.
am listening


What time Nick and Rosa (come) for dinner tonight? 
is Nick and Rosa coming
Nick and Rosa are coming
do Nick and Rosa come
are Nick and Rosa coming


I’m sure you (make) the right choice.
will be made
are making


Take your umbrella. It (rain) cats and dogs.
are raining
is raining


Why you (not/hurry)? I (wait) for you.
are you not hurry, am waiting
aren’t you hurrying, waiting
aren’t you hurrying, ’m waiting
don’t you hurry, am waiting 


I don’t speak any foreign languages, but I (learn) English now.
am learning


We (spend) next weekend at home.
are spending
’re spend


I (meet) Liz tonight. She (come) from Cork.
will meet, comes
am meeting, coming
am meeting, ’s coming


He (go) to speak to his parents.
is going


At the moment we (fly) over the desert.
’ve flying
are flying


Have some hot tea. It (get) chilly.
is geting
’s getting


I (die) to see him.
am dying
’ve died
am died
am diing


My Dad (work) overtime this week.
are working
is working


They (live) in a rented house these days.
were living
are living