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I dont feel well. I (go) to bed.
shall go


I am afraid I (miss) the train. I think, I (take) a taxi.
should miss, taken
shall miss, shall take
miss, took


Who (answer) this question?
will answer


You dont know the new words. What you (do)?
do you do
will you do
are you doing


It (not / take) you long to get to my place if you go by metro.
is not take
does not
will not take


I am sure they (wait) for us.
will wait


He (be) fourteen next year.
shall be
will be


You (not / write) the dictation tomorrow.
does not write
will not write
is not writing


You (remember) this rule if you learn it.
will remember
should remember


They (buy) a new house next year.
will buy


He (come) to school tomorrow.
Shall he come
Will he come
Does he come


I am not sure I (come) to you tomorrow.
will come
shall come
am come


We (not / go) to the seaside this summer.
wont go
not will go
shall not go


I am sure it (rain), so I took my umbrella.
is rain
will rain
shall rain


They say they (get) married in August.
will be
will get


There (not / be) any interesting films on TV tonight.
are not
will not be
not will be


You (take part) in the conference?
Will you take part
Shall you take part
Do you take part


The pupils (be allowed) to use the dictionaries?
Shall the pupils be allowed
Are the pupils allowed
Will the pupils be allowed