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I'm tired. I (go) to bed.
I go
I’d go 


It’s late. I think I (take) a taxi.
will take
shall take
am take


____ I (answer) the question?
Shall not


We don’t know their address. What (we/do)?
What are we do
What will we do
What shall we do


Our test (not/take) long.
isn’t take
doesn’t take
willn’t take
won’t take


I’m afraid they (not/wait) for us.
don’t wait
will not be waited
won’t wait


Diana (come) to the party tomorrow?
Shall Diana come
Will Diana come
Does Diana come


You (arrive) in Paris tomorrow evening.
will arrive


The boy (remember) this day all his life.
will remember
should remember


Perhaps they (buy) a new house this year.
‘ll buy


He (be) fourteen next year.
‘ll be
will is


I’m not sure I (find) Jim at the hotel.
shall found
shall find


We (not/book) the tickets in advance.
not book
shalln’t book
shan’t book


Do you think it (rain)?
will be rain
will rain


Everybody thinks they (not/get) married.
won’t get
not will get
shall not get


There (not/be) any wars in the world.
aren’t wars
will not be
not’ll be


Dad (give) Mag a personal computer, ____ he? 
gives, didn’t he
will give, won’t he
give, will he


____ there (be) drugs for every kind of disease in 50 years’ time?
Shall there be
Will there is
Will there be


Let’s go to the theatre, ____ we?
let’s not we
shan’t we
shall we


I (not/do) it before dinner.
not do
‘ll not do
not shall do

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