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Dont take your umbrella. It (not / rain) outside.
is not raining


It (often / rain) in autumn.
is often raining
often rains


Mother is in the kitchen. She (make) breakfast now.
is making


She (often / make) sandwiches for breakfast.
is often making
often makes


Can you come later, please? Peter (sleep).
is sleeping


There is a telegram for you. The postman (wait) at the door.
is waiting


I dont know French. I (learn) it now.
am learning


Children (still / play) in the garden.
are still playing
still play


People dont (usually / work) on holidays.
are usually working
usually work


Usually I (have coffee) in the morning, but today I (drink) tea.
am having coffee, am drinking
have coffee, drink


We sometimes (go) to the cafe to have lunch.
are sometimes going
sometimes go


- What he (do)? - He is a manager at the firm.
is he doing
he does
does he do


Why you (not / write) the exercise?
Why you are not writing
Why dont you write
Why arent you writing


We bought our tickets, and we (go) to the cinema tomorrow.
are going

- ... you (do) anything now? - I (write) my hometask.
Are you doing, am writing
Do you do, write