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I ... a nice flat in a new house.
have got
has got

Where ... he live?
do he live
is he live
does he live

Our pupils ... good marks.
has got
have got

We (not/know) this man.
dont know
isnt know
doesnt know

- ... he help you? - No, he ... .
Do / dont
Does / do not
Does / does not

... Nick ... any brothers or sisters?
Have Nick got
Does Nick have
Does Nick has

... Mike (speak) English?
Is ... speak
Does ... speak
Do ... speak

They ... a nice flat in the center of the city.
has got
have got

... you (like) reading?
Do you like
Does you like
Are you like

... you often (go) to the cinema?
Do ... go
Does ... go
Do ... goes

You have a new suit. It (look) very nice.

He ... a bicycle, and he is going to buy it.
dont have
isnt have
doesnt have

... the pupils (know) what to read?
Do / knows
Does / knows
Do / know

They cant write because they ... pens.
have got
arent have
dont have

He is our neighbour but we (not / see) him often.
not see
doesnt see
dont see

The baby is too little. He (not / walk).
isnt walk
doesnt walk
dont walk

I am not ready for the lesson. I (not / know) the new words.
am not know
not know
dont know

... Mary ... anything interesting to tell?
Does / have
Do / has
Have got

She (not / like) Mathematics, but she likes English.
not likes
dont likes
doesnt like