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The level, when water _____ at sea, is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. 
is boiling


I … tomatoes and potatos in my garden.
usually grow
am usually growing


Do you speak English? I …. My brother is teaching me.
am learning


I would like to lose weight, so I … supper this week. 
am not eating
do not eat


Tom is in Warsaw at the moment. He … at the Mariott Hotel. 
is staying


Can you see those people? I wonder what … about. 
do they talk
they are talking


My brother is looking for a place to live. He … with me until he finds somewhere. 
is staying


He is amazingly talented at languages. He … seven languages very well. 
is speaking


I have lost my pen again. I … things. 
always loose
am always losing


Usually I … at 3.00, but this month I have worked until 5.00 to earn more money. 
am finishing