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My mother ____ a bad headache.
have got
has got


Where _____ the Johnsons (live)?


Margie and her sister ____ wonderful voices.
has got
have got


I (not/understand) ____ that man because I (not/know)____ English.
not understand, don’t know
don’t understand, not know
don’t understand, don’t know


____ you ____ any time to help me? – Sorry, I ____
Do you have, don’t
Have you got, am not
Do you have, have got


Everybody in our family (help) _____ Mummy about the house. Dad (walk) ____ the dog, I (water) ____ the flowers, and my brothers (clean) ____ the rooms.
help, walks, water, clean
helps, walks, water, clean
help, walks, water, cleans


____ Jane Smith (speak) ____ English?
Is ... speak
Does ... speak
Do ... speak


The Browns ____ a nice house in the country.
has got
have got


____ you (like) swimming?
Do you like
Does you like
Are you like


____ Dad ____ any brothers or sisters?
Have Dad got
Does Dad have
Does Dad has


____ your sister often (go) to the theatre?
Is ... go
Does ... go
Do ... go


We ____ a car, but we are going to buy it.
don’t have
aren’t have


____ Bob (know) what I want?
Bob knows
Do Bob knows
Does Bob know


They can’t go out because they ____ rain – coats and umbrellas.
have got
aren’t have
don’t have


Jack lives not far from us, but we (not/see) ____ him often.
not see
doesn’t see
don’t see


Don’t give him cigarettes. He (not/smoke) ____.
isn’t smoke
doesn’t smoke
don’t smoke


Can you help me? I (not/know)____ the way to the market.
am not know
not know
don’t know


____ Peter ____ any beer in the fridge?
Does Peter have
Do Peter has
Have Peter got


My daughter Mary (not/like)____ apples, but she likes oranges.
not likes
doesn’t likes
doesn’t like


What’s the matter? You (look) _____ very happy.