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Hardly _____ asleep _____ an alarm clock _____.
have I gone, than, will ring 
had I gone, when, rang
I had gone, then, had rung 
was I going, as, was ringing


I am going to have my kitchen _____. It is necessary that every crack _____ covered. 
to repair, will be
to be repaired, is
repaired, should be 
being repaired, be


The miles appeared _____ so long that the tourists sometimes thought they _____ the road.
being, had to miss 
to have been, must miss 
to be, must have missed
having been, were to miss


I managed to come here at half past six. But I _____ because they _____.
needn’t have hurried, had already left
needn’t hurry, have already left
wouldn’t have hurried, had already left
shouldn’t hurry, have already left


If you _____ the prescribed medicine, you _____ _____ now.
took, would feel, much more well
had taken, would feel, much better
would take, would feel yourself, much better


I don't feel like _____ this article today.
to read and translate
for reading and translating
read and translate
reading and translating


_____ rich pay higher taxes?
does the
do the


Would you mind _____, please?
to open the window
open the window
opening the window
to the window opening


We are all looking forward _____ your friends.
to seeing
to see
for seeing
of seeing


You _____ your seats beforehand if you want to go to Paris on Christmas.
had better to book
had better book
had to better book
had to book better


You _____ me a postcard, but you didn't.
could send
could be sent
could have sent
could had sent


I suggest _____ as soon as possible. I _____ before sunset.
us to start, would rather to finish
our starting, had rather finish
us starting, would prefer to finish
our starting, would rather finish


There is no point _____ to him. He is _____ last man in the world _____ by such things.
to speak, the, to trouble
to speak, — , being troubled 
speaking, a, be troubled
in speaking, the, to be troubled


Did you remember _____ the parcel I gave you? – Yes, I remember _____ it a week ago.
to post, posting
to post, to post
posting, to post
posting, posting


While our coffee _____, I _____ him my sad story which impressed him _____.
was making, told, greatly
was being made, said, great
had been made, told, great
was being made, told, greatly


We were _____ go out when the telephone rang.
on the point of 
about to


The past flood is reported not _____ _____ damage to the crops.
caused, many
to have caused, much
to cause, much
having caused, many


But for the rain we _____ for a walk long ago.
have gone
would have gone
would be going


How I wish we _____ then!
didn’t meet
hadn’t met
wouldn’t meet
wouldn’t have met


Try to behave as if nothing _____.
had happened
was happened
has happened